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Excel - Update a Row - Cannot Use Dynamic Content for Table?



Please consider fixing this issue.


I will be using 'Update a Row' over 20 times in one flow. This flow will be copy and pasted and will then use different table.


If I have to manually put the table name into each and every 'Update a Row' card this will defeat the object and be very time consuming.


Please see what I tried below. It works for the 'List rows present in a table'.


But will not work for the 'Update a row card'.... Once I insert 'output' then it cannot access the columns in which the cells need to be updated... These columns and cell updates would anyway not be changed at all.


Any work arounds / solutions ?






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This would be nice. I had exactly this problem. We have similar Excel files with different names in different folders. All of them have the same structure and same tables (same table header also of course).

But without being able to dynamically target the excel files, the workaround for having different excel files is very big. Every excel files has it's own editing actions in the flow.


Would be very good, to be able to dynamically target an Excel file. 

Excel actions should still maintain a excel file link as basis, so every user have to put in a link to one of the excel files with same structure. So, the excel action can still read the excel structure and show appropriate tables and fileds.

But beside the "base-excel" link there should be a "target-excel" link, which have to be a dynamical target (file path to a excel file).

The "base-excel" link is also important to run tests or when user so not want to use a specific "target-excel"-link, then the "base-excel"-link is used.


also see the following idea, because i think both means the same solution:

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Excel Online in Power Automate needs much more love from the dev team, all actions are thoroughly underwhelming. Very simple actions like pasting data into a new excel file are impossible because you have to define upon Flow creation the ID of the file and the table itself. Why do we even have an action to create a table when I will not be able to use it subseuqently in any flow action to read or populate?

Maybe the best option would be --- now that we have Excel Online Scripting --- is to add an action that triggers an  Excel Online script ( with parameters support). And then we'd do whatever needed in Excel scripts.