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Excel - When a Row is Added

Please create a trigger that watches for a Row to be added in an excel table.  

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Skilled Sharer

Maybe have Flow check to see if a row has been added every x minutes?

The only other option that is left to me is to run my Flow every 10 minutes, top to bottom, using your CPU resources. You may save significant resources if Flow is only checking for an added row, rather than run the whole Flow.

Regular Visitor

My work around was to create two additional columns in my excel worksheet.  One to get the time of Now() and the other to evaluate if the time of Now() minus the submission time is less than or equal to 5.  Rows that satisfy the evaluation are assigned a 1 and all others a 2.  Power Automate is setup to run every 5 minutes.  Within the excel connecter I have used the filter query to only look at rows where the evaluation column is equal to 1.  This has worked fairly well  for the past year or so. 

Skilled Sharer

Love it. Thank you.