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Excel from SharePoint connector

It would be good to have Excel action for sharepoint documents.


Now i have to copy from SharePoint to "OneDrive for Business" and from there its possible to open.

Status: Completed

You can now work with Excel documents in SharePoint online:

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A controllable time-base recurrent export of a list to an Excel file saved in a specified SharePoint document library would be helpful. I am thinking of this in the context of capturing daily status reports. 

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You should allow Flow to Insert rows in an Excel Online workbook stored in a Sharepoint Team Site.  Right now, you can only do this in one's OneDrive for Business storage.  This seems like it would be a no brainer. Please do this.

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Yes please do this....   This is a natural expectation and would be useful for teams across an organization.  Thanks

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Yes! I need to GetRows from an Excel file in a Office365 Group document library.

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This is what I'm looking for;

- When a file is uploaded to SharePoint Document library

- I want to read the file


Specifically I'm looking for a solution to read an excel file that is uploaded to SharePoint document library.


Currently, I do not see "SharePoint" datasource under excel actions.

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Fully Supportive - this is URGENTLY NEEDED to maximize value of both SharePoint document libraries and Flow.


Sample UseCase:


Create an Enterprise Flow Application Directroy to manage centrally supported, shared Flow Apps


Envisioned process:

1) Create new app entries in Excel

2) upload excel to sharepoint

3) when new file is created, run flow to append new records to Sharepoint list.and move file to archive directed, ...


Why use Excel?

Most users prefer entering data into Excel versus Sharepoint lists


Why use sharepoint library?

better access control, one place to run the flow from, central archive 




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Yes, that would be very nice to update, insert or delete rows in excelsheets in a SharePoint documentlibrary

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Status changed to: Completed

You can now work with Excel documents in SharePoint online: