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Excel from SharePoint connector

It would be good to have Excel action for sharepoint documents.


Now i have to copy from SharePoint to "OneDrive for Business" and from there its possible to open.

Status: Completed

You can now work with Excel documents in SharePoint online:

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A controllable time-base recurrent export of a list to an Excel file saved in a specified SharePoint document library would be helpful. I am thinking of this in the context of capturing daily status reports. 

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You should allow Flow to Insert rows in an Excel Online workbook stored in a Sharepoint Team Site.  Right now, you can only do this in one's OneDrive for Business storage.  This seems like it would be a no brainer. Please do this.

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Yes please do this....   This is a natural expectation and would be useful for teams across an organization.  Thanks

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Yes! I need to GetRows from an Excel file in a Office365 Group document library.