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Excel get row connection from SharePoint Library

In add connection menu , i dont see an option to add an excel file from SharePoint Library. most of the Business user would have saved their excel file on SharePoint Library. This connection will be useful

Status: Completed

The new Excel (Business) connector can connecto to files in SharePoint document libraries:

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If I get it right, 

We still need to use the workaround if we want to get rows from our excel stored in sharepoint ?

Because for what i see on the Excel for business docs, there is no equivalent action to Excel's "get rows"...


I tried to play a bit with the "Get tables" action but seems like a dead end to me... 


Do we still have to wait a year to get an update ? As it's still in preview...


EDIT: I find a solution using "List rows present in a table" but i saw in this thread that it may have a column limitation (from preview ?) 

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Yeah, I'm having a related issue. I'm trying to work around the lack of a "Get Rows" action by using the "List rows present in a table" action. I've done that, then I've added an "Apply to Each" for each value returned from that step.

I thought I could use the "Get a row" action with an "Apply to Each" to loop through each output from the "List rows..." action. However, I see that the "Get a row" action requires both a key column and a key value.

It's possibly workable if the output of "List rows..." was tied to a certain column. However, the documentation says "outputs are dynamic".

That is NOT helpful! If the "get a row" action requires a key column and value, I need to know how "List rows...." output is formatted.

Even if I knew that, I strongly suspect it won't be anything I can use to loop through each row.

So if the "List rows" action doesn't use a key column, how come I need one to address a certain row? Why can't I use the same method as that action does to identify the row I want to retreive?

More obviously,


Anybody got any ideas for a workaround, and I really don't want to copy the file to OneDrive. That would mean if I ever left the company, this Flow would shortly stop working. I'm designing a tool that will likely be used for many years to come so that's not a good option at all.