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Excel get row connection from SharePoint Library

In add connection menu , i dont see an option to add an excel file from SharePoint Library. most of the Business user would have saved their excel file on SharePoint Library. This connection will be useful

Status: Completed

The new Excel (Business) connector can connecto to files in SharePoint document libraries:

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Yes!  We need this too!

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I am currently working with an Excel survey stored in SharePoint, this feature would be welcome. Currently I am testing the viability of copying the file from SharePoint to my OneDrive, modifying the file, and sending it back. I'm worried about breaking the survey links, though.

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Users in my company are dissuaded from using OneDrive or OneDrive For Business because we are a heavily-regulated industry. Instead, we typically direct users and departments to upload documents like Excel sheets with data to SharePoint sites and Document Libraries within those sites.


We have several outstanding requests for alerts based on data or changes to data inside of Excel workbooks in SharePoint. While I admit this is not the most sensible request, it would be nice to at least partially fulfill it, but for that... we need a SharePoint connection option in the Excel - Get Rows action in Microsoft Flow.


Please consider this feature.

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Agreed.  It's a huge miss to have Excel support without SharePoint integration.  (Particularly since it's not differnet than OneDrive for Business on the back end.)

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Here is the workaround that seems to be working for me. 

1. If allowed in your company, Create a dummy file (Excel) with no information in One drive for business. 

2.Store your excel file in SharePoint. Use SharePoint trigger "When a file is created in a folder" (USe folder Id )

3. Get file content (use File identifier)

4. Use Action "Update file in one drive" to update the dummy file in one drive for business with file content in step 3.

5. The "Excel - Get Rows" action will now work on this dummy file.

6. if needed for security/regulatory concerns you can remove the dummy file contents. This can be achieved within the flow by either first creating a copy of dummy file , using steps 4 and 5 on it and deleting the copy just created , or deleting the contents of the dummy file after step 5.


Let me kniow if this works.Flow_example.JPGSharePoint Get Rows Workaround