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Excel trigger based on data column "due date", "Status", etc then creates/sends outlook task

Current Scenario: We have various pieces of equipment that requires routine maintenance/calibration. Equipment owners within company use a clipboard to track the performance of these tasks. Managers routinely inspect the clipboard to ensure it is being done.


Envisioned  Scenario: Use an Excel Spreadsheet for equipment log; owner, maint frequency, due date, status etc. Create Flow to create and send a Outlook Task to responsible owner of equipment when triggered by Excel "status" data column indicates "due within month". Body of task would use data from Excel row to fill in message template. Then create a Flow that triggers when owner competes Outlook Task and updates Excel "status" to "complete" and updates "completed date" column.

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I visualize that your suggestion also solves my routine on billing of maintanence's contracts.

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+1 for this feature .. I need it so badly... is there any workaround for the time being??

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Would be great if it could also trigger a Planner task

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I create Preventive Maintenance Task Sheets in Excel to be distributed through iPads. I am able to create a Flow that takes the PM Files from SharePoint, email them to the technicians in Outlook, the technicians type in their name, date, completion time and comments. 

I need to be able to add a Trigger for Excel to send these back to me.

I need to be able to designate a cell as the Trigger.

Here's an example: I add an unlocked "fill in blank" to cell G34 on all 534 Excel PM Documents, with the word "Type Yes If Completed" above it, or create a "Push Button" in that cell, the technician can type in "YES" for instance, or "push"the button. This then Triggers the Flow to send the Document to my Completed PM Folder.

I have tried this with the When the Document is Modified" Trigger, which is handy, but as soon as I start typing in a comment, or type the date, it sends the Document. I need a Trigger Button in my Documents for Completed work.

I used to use InfoPath for things like this.