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Exclude cancelled flows from Failed Flows email report

The email sent by Flow, "[#] of your flows have failed," currently does not differentiate between failed flows and cancelled flows. It would be helpful to exclude cancelled flows when generating this email as usually there is no issue and nothing that needs attention as cancelled flows are expected behavior (when the result of a condition) or have already been tended to as they were cancelled by an admin.

Status: New
Responsive Resident

Having the same issue. Cancelled flows also show up as Failed in the Notifications tab on the Flow site.

In our Flows I've added a Terminate action where any further action is not necessary if certain conditions aren't met. This allows me to see the status of Cancelled, Succeeded or Failed in the Run History at a glance. If nothing actually happened in a run otherwise, it would display as Succeeded. Surely it would not be difficult to exclude cancelled flows from any failed flow notifications?

New Member

Cancelled =/= Failed. Don't include the option to set a Terminate to "Cancelled" status if it doesn't work as expected.

Responsive Resident

@DRoss042I disagree. Cancelled is not the same as failed. If a flow has failed, then something has gone wrong. If cancelled, it has been stopped because the condition has not been met. It is possible to not have a terminate action but as a flow admin it's useful to be able to differentiate between a. flows which have met all the right conditions and completed from b. ones that haven't met any of the conditions and c. flows which should have met the right conditions but failed to complete.