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Exit from "Apply to Each"

I want to exit from "Apply to Each" for exit the loop.

In some case, the loop does not need processing items after specific item.



Yoshihiro Kawabata

Status: Under Review

Thank you for suggesting this idea, it is a good suggestion!

New Member

It's very irritating if you can't terminate the until or creating a variable to check the condition is not useful when you are using multiple custom connector with multiple CDS operations to terminate the flow immediately when your web service is failing.... 


AAAAH... Microsoft should release it asap...hope they will.

Kudo Kingpin

Also from Microsoft point of view this should be high priority...

A lot of loops are wasted (Azure resources can be saved 💸💸💸) 🤓

New Member

So strange that this feature is still not implemented.

Frequent Visitor

any update on this feature,

I have a parallel approval  send to leadership  using for each and wanted to terminate if any approver reject  the request so the other leadership member don't waste their time on reviewing it if it is rejected.

need to exit from for each loop and terminate the flow.

any other suggestion until this feature is implemented?