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Expand/Collapse all Actions button

Please will you add a button to the ribbon which allows you to expand/collapse all the Actions within your Flow.

Status: New
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I am trying to find instances of variables (I put the variable names in the Action titles) and with a large workflow it takes a minute or two to go through the entire thing and expand each block.

This is not whining over a small amount of extra work because every time you add a new action EVERYTHING collapses like a 10-year-old's house of cards!  Please add this one!

Super User

@heinrichbenade @CFlorian Try this bookmarklet! Works perfectly for me.


javascript&colon;var expand=expand!==undefined?expand:true;var maxTries=10;var expandCollapse=function(){console.log("----Expand groups: "+expand);var groups=document.getElementsByClassName("msla-card-title-group");var hasClicked=false;for(var i=0;i<groups.length;i++){var actionHeader=groups[i];if(actionHeader.getAttribute("aria-expanded")!==""+expand){console.log(actionHeader.getAttribute("aria-label"));;hasClicked=true;}}if(hasClicked&&--maxTries>0){setTimeout(expandCollapse,1000);}else{console.log("----Done");expand=!expand;}};expandCollapse();