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Expand the availability of the setting for the failure notification email of Flow.

As a request from the user, I hope the following feature will be added to the failure notification email of Flow.


1. Please make it possible to set as a destination of the failure notification email not only for the owner who has created Flow but also the other users.

By design, a notification email is automatically sent to the creator of Flow from Microsoft when Flow fails, in addition to this, it will be very convenient if we can set the recipient to anyone other than Flow creator too. For instance, it becomes possible to notify only the whole administrator, not for the Flow creator. It seems like the great flexibility such as being able to send to multiple destinations.


2. The availability to specify the time and set the transmission timing of the failure notification email.

I would prefer to set the timing of sending emails than the automatic function in order to prevent the notification mail is being sent in the middle of the night.


3. Disable setting of the failure notification email transmission.

Although the notification email is convenient occasionally, it may be unnecessary sometimes for us. I suggest you make a feature improvement that can be disabled the transmission.


We believe that these above functions are desired from many users as well.

Consequently, we are expecting that the availability of Flow will be expanded in the future.


Thank you for your consideration.

Status: New