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Export Email to PDF format or convert .eml file to PDF including embedded images and HTML visualization (Email renderer)

Please add a built-in sharepoint connector for convert emails to PDF.

Or add a built-in sharepoint connector to convert .eml file to PDF including embedded images and HTML visualization (rendered email).


There are some workaround for email export with big limitations:

  • Emails with images and HTML are not supported

Nowadays many emails use HTML and embedded image. So this “workaround” is not a full workaround. MS SharePoint has already an “export email” connector, but without some options. You could also add in this connector to convert it directly to look pretty when writing the content to a *.pdf file.


Or extend the “Convert file” connector which sharepoint (for OneDrive) already has, so it can handle *.eml files with all features emails can have. The PDF export should look like similar to the visualization in an email program like outlook.

And please provide the “Convert file” connector also in a sharepoint version! Actually it is only available for OneDrive, but we need it often in sharepoint document libraries.



Of course, this is not very simple, because the "convert file" connector (or a new connector)  needs some good and intelligent email renderer. To render a email like a Email program and show most important peaces of the emal header. Of cource you want to see CC, BB, Subject etc. in the PDF-export.

Also "convert file" lacks some options, like "load embedded images?", "page size?", on such things, to make selectable how you want to convert the source file (*.eml) in this case to PDF.


To be able to export emails to pdf sounds pretty basic for me and often needed. MS shoudl have all the functions already in outlook. But we need it also in Flow.


If there are workarounds how to export the full content to PDF with sharepoint built-in connectors, please tell us.

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Agree as it stands the feature is of no use.

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Total Mail Converter helps you manage your emails outside of your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, and more) in the same way you would work with PDF, DOC or text files. Loaded with unique options, the Total Mail Converter lets you:


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@Ted-White :

Sorry, but your post has nothing to do with process automation with MS Flow. We look for a way to automate Office 365 with MS Flow to convert emails directly from Outlook 365 and store them in Office 365 on a SharePoint 365 in the cloud.


And we think this should be my default feature of MS flow, because it's about base usage and basic needs.