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Export Flow run history data

I would love to be able to export Flow run history data to my local machine. It would be amazing to be able to export all data, data of only the failed runs and other scenarios, like you already have in your run history UI on the web:






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Yes, this would be a very handy feature. Was going to use Flow as part of credit note approval process but not being able to export history makes it prety much useless as not able to be audited. As a legal requirement we have to keep documentation for 7 years so if we could export this we could save it to our servers.

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There's now an export to .csv option when you go to Run History --> See All. It does seem to limit to 100 runs, however. One of mine went back 6 days with All Runs, but went back a month when I filtered for Failed Runs, as there were fewer records.