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Export Planner tasks and task updates to Excel or SQL Server

Given the poor reporting functionality of Planner, I need to export all tasks and task updates to Excel or SQL Server to enable integration of this data with other corporate data and enable further analytics.

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New Member

Agreed, Planner is a great tool but really lacks the export functionality so that status snapshots and reports can be generated. It's surpring that this feature is not built into Planner itself, but in the absence of that a Flow would be a feasible workaround. 

New Member

Indeed, what's the best way to export tasks from Planner to Excel using flow?

New Member

Agree, I want to be able to share a list of tasks with an external contact without giving them access to the whole of Planner. It owuld be ideal to be able to simply download /export a list of tasks within a bucket in some way - I guess to Excel would be best.


I'm actually really surprised this isn't standard functionality. I appreciate working within the Teams environment as much as possible is the intention from Microsoft but in a business context, it will take a long time before we all move away form using the more traditional Mircosoft products such as Word and Excel. I would've thought they'd be a lot better integration between them and teams!