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Export and Import Flow with different SharePoint Site Connect Dev and Production

The issue we faced while creating two separate SharePoint Site Collection for Prod and Dev. We have our global workflow already Implemented on Dev and we want to use the same workflow to Prod, I know we can use the save as option to create a copy and change all your connections within workflow might be issue in complex workflow. so following are the steps to change the SharePoint site url before importing workflow in prod.

1. Export your workflow and save in local folder

2. Extract all the files

3. double click on Microsoft.Flow folder

4. Double Click on flows folder

5. double click on random GUID folder

6. Open and Edit file defination.json file with your new SharePoint URL and do not forget to update the List ID as well.

7. now double click on your zip folder and drag and drop your defination.json file into it.

8. Import this .zip folder in Flow

9. update all fields and import.

10. there you go, start test your workflow , it will have new SharePoint url and list names


Please suggest me if there is a better way to do it.

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Hi @Anonymous ,


Followed the instructions and it worked fine. Thanks for sharing.

It saved me a lot of hours migrating flows between SharePoint sites.