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Export flow history - more than 100 runs

Could we get rid of the 100 run limit on the flow history export?

Since the online flow history is not easily searchable currently, we need to be able to download all records that are available. Secondly, since the flow history is only available for 30 days, we need to regularly download the history of flows. If we don't even get the full 30 days, then this is not useful to us.

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Would expect better from an enterprise level business process automation product. Knowing how many running and completed flows at any given time is essential to understanding blockages in the business process. This shouldn't be a difficult thing to do. Can't we just dump these into a SPO list somewhere and use the filter and export options of SPO? We have the technology! Just spit balling some ideas for you there Microsoft.


Still no word from anyone at Microsoft after almost 9 months. Can we get a "yeah, we know and are working on it" or even at least a "yeah, we know and are thinking about it." 


Hello Microsoft !!!???!!!

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Yes, it would be great to export all runs!

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The run history feature is one of the badest designs I have ever encountered. Is this supposed to be a tool for professionals?

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As for the ability to output more than 100 execution histories, I need it too.
Please implement it as soon as possible, even if it is in PowerShell.