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Export flow history - more than 100 runs

Could we get rid of the 100 run limit on the flow history export?

Since the online flow history is not easily searchable currently, we need to be able to download all records that are available. Secondly, since the flow history is only available for 30 days, we need to regularly download the history of flows. If we don't even get the full 30 days, then this is not useful to us.

Status: New
Level: Powered On

Agreed - it's very concerning that we cannot access the data being used in a workable format. It makes it extremely difficult to troubleshoot when errors occur. 

Level: Powered On

This is a must-have. we have a job that runs many times a day and trying to find something from a week or two ago is impossible with the 100 records limit on the CSV export. Microsoft, get your act together!!!!

Level: Powered On

If the online view had some date filtering that might help get it under 100.  At least give us a PowerShell command-let or something to let us get the full history.