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Export flow history - more than 100 runs

Could we get rid of the 100 run limit on the flow history export?

Since the online flow history is not easily searchable currently, we need to be able to download all records that are available. Secondly, since the flow history is only available for 30 days, we need to regularly download the history of flows. If we don't even get the full 30 days, then this is not useful to us.

Status: New
Advocate I

Agreed - it's very concerning that we cannot access the data being used in a workable format. It makes it extremely difficult to troubleshoot when errors occur. 

Frequent Visitor

This is a must-have. we have a job that runs many times a day and trying to find something from a week or two ago is impossible with the 100 records limit on the CSV export. Microsoft, get your act together!!!!

Frequent Visitor

If the online view had some date filtering that might help get it under 100.  At least give us a PowerShell command-let or something to let us get the full history.  

Helper III

Any new news on this subject?  i need to export out a days of flows that say ran but did not.



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Yes we definitely need to be able to download more then 100 items or a way to search / sort the items on the flow all history page.

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Would be extremely useful.

Advocate IV

Very important to be able to view/export more than 100 flow runs. We have multiple flows that generate 1000+ runs. When there is an issue, we need to be able to go through the run records easily. 

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Same issue here.  I have to export 2500 flows to back fill a failed process.   That is another story.  A long one - read if interested..


I have a flow that was exporting email metadata to a SQL server database, but I changed it to export to a Microsoft one-drive Excel file (insert row).   I didn't realize that it would create a different version for each time it inserted a row in Excel (up to 100).   This was okay at first, but the Excel files keep on growing so the versions get bigger and bigger.  Now, I hit the 2 TB limit.    Well, cleaned that up and will write PS to wipe it each day, but I still need to back-fill.   The log still has all the metadata I need so I need to back-fill from the log.   That means I have to export about 20 days of history and then parse out the log (not too difficult) to back-fill the Excel.   


Why is it that to do anything simple, you have to solve 3-4 complicated problems first?


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same issue here


100 run limit for export means run history is effectively only stored for 100 runs (not 28 days)


if the data cant be retrieved, cant claim to meet GDPR.

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You can manually get more than 100 flows, but you have to do it 100 at a time.  I have 14 flows that have 2500 runs per week each.   Not going to waste time sweeping these, but I am still looking to write PowerShell script to do it


What I mean to say is you can get 100, then hit next and get the next 100 - exporting manually.  This would be an endless and thankless task.