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Export the Flow to Visio

I want to export my Flow to Visio as diagram,
for share flow diagram with members, and documented my Flow.

Status: New

looks like we dont have way to go from FLOW to visio.. has anyone looked into exporting the json and creating the visio?

New Member

I'd also add to this that it'd be great to have the ability to export to PNG or PDF. Especially for documentation purposes — if other team members want to see how certain sections of the flow work then they can view the full details in our documentation. They don't have to go into the flow itself and spend time expanding boxes.


I was able to accomplish an "export" of sorts to PNG by using a combination of a Chrome screenshot extension (FireShot) and the F12 Developer Tools (to disable certain parts of the UI), but that's definitely a workaround.


Thank you! I will check the chrome extension