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Export the Flow to Visio

I want to export my Flow to Visio as diagram,
for share flow diagram with members, and documented my Flow.

Status: New
Level 10

I want to share our Flow diagram with our friends who does NOT have Microsoft Flow account.


When the flow diagram export to Visio file, I can share the Visio file by paper, by mail, by OneDrive.

and Add comments, Share comments, Virsioning diagram, Archive diagram. 


Level 8


Level: Powered On

Currently you can export from VISIO to Flow but honestly a more helpful feature is to go from Flow to Visio. The reason I would want to do this is that now I have a Flow that someone on my team created (that is very complex), but now we need to present to various teams about what this flow does.


Doing this without that Flow to Visio option means that we need to now spend a significant amount of time mapping it out manually. An automated option for this would be amazing!

Level: Powered On

This would also be great help for troubleshooting complex Flows.

Level: Powered On

Great idea. I'm all for a self-documenting solution.

Although some might argue chicken vs egg in best practice.

  1. Should we document and plan our flow in Visio first and then create (or export Visio > Flow)....
  2. We take the 'agile' approach and build/test the process and then export to Visio for post-completion documentation.