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Export the flow to PDF

I want to export the flow to PDF for share it without flow subscription.



- Send the diagram of flow to members who don't have flow subscription.

- Save the diagram of flow as PDF document,

- Share the diagram of flow as PDF document on Microsoft Teams.

- Print out the diagram of flow to the paper, and share project's members.


Status: New
New Member

Agreed, This would make documenting and viewing a large complex flow far easier. Options for "All Expanded" vs "All Collapsed" would be really nice as well!

Helper V

Indeed we need this for documentation purposes and reviewing with a team.

Regular Visitor

I am facing the same issue.  I need to document a flow in a pictorial way so that it is understandable to others who do not neccessarily know about flow (or care).  Printing to PDF, Visio etc would fit the bill