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Expose Context for Triggers

Within a Flow, it would be extremely useful to be able to access the parameters in the initiating trigger for use in later actions or HTTP requests. I originally envisioned this for SharePoint triggers, but it would probably be useful across the board.

Here’s my thinking in a SharePoint context...

When a Flow has a SharePoint trigger, it would be really useful to be able to access the trigger context in the rest of the Flow. For example, if I have a Flow with the trigger When a file is created or modified (properties only), I need to supply the Site Address and Library Name (optionally the Folder and Limit Columns by View). Many times in later actions, I need to supply the Site Address and Library Name again.

If the values I used in the trigger were exposed, I could use them as variables in those actions. Even better, for building modular Flows, I could pass that data into engine-like Flows via HTTP requests which take the Site Address and Library Name as input parameters. Right now,my only options is the try to do some split/substring jiggery-pokery on URLs, which is fragile at best.

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Great idea ! 

Not applicable

You can reuse the trigger input, see example below. But dynamic SharePoint Actions do not work, for example Update list item is not Updated with the Fields of that listitem. Should be Nice if the trigger connection could be reused, in the SharePoint actions.