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Expose created by and modified by fields from SharePoint

I have a list containing documents, which updates to another list when the document is changed. When the document is first created, the Created By (Author) and Modified By (Editor) fields are accurate, but after running any Flow the name comes in as my own.


I understand this as a default behavior, but it would be handy for our tracking purposes to keep the original data in these fields and have it continue through the flows. Just being able to pull in the Created/Modified By in the original GET and passing them to the Update would be enough. 


I have seen answers on here that this isn't possible in Sharepoint, but this does not seem to be 100% accurate as you CAN change Editor and Author via HTTP request. I currently have this working in one of my flows, but have found it to be a little unreliable and composing the JSON is a little unwieldy.


The trick to update these fields via HTTP request can be found here:

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Helper II

As work around, you can set the List/Library name to a workflow variable or compose output. As a result in stead of get all the fields you get only 1 field: Item. Within you can specify columns (internal name) and their value as JSON. You change the Created by (Author) and/or Modified by (Editor) by specifying the claims token or email address in the Claims token:

   "Editor": {
     "Claims": "<claim token or email address>"