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Expression code is lost after saving the flow; we still need to see it

After adding an expression, if we edit the Flow we don't see the expression code anymore.

Example : 

I have a Dynamic Action named CreatenewCase followed by a variable initialization 

The variable initilization has the expression actionBody('CreateNewCase')?['ticketnumber']




If we save the flow and edit it again, we cannot vizualize the expression code anymore





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At time of posting this message, I still having the same problem - after entering a custom expression, the only way to "modify" is delete and re-type all?...

Is there any other way to make it re-appear in the expression's edit box.

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I am having the same problem.  I enter the expression:





It shows correctly and I can edit it ok but if I save the Flow then reload it, the expression is 'lost' in the UI.  It shows as:




If I use the Peek code option, I can see the expression is still there even though it doesnt show correctly in the UI.  Peek code shows as:

"Body": "@{base64(outputs('Get_attachment_content')?['body'])}"


Why is this happening and is there a way I can avoid it?