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Extract Data out of a word document to populate SharePoint list and update file properties

On the base of thorough research and using/testing several workarounds, I raising this idea here so that Microsoft could enable this feature natively.


Power automate  doesn't currently support extracting data from a word document. 


There are few challenges found upon the discovery of this process:

  • If the word document is left open by someone, the MS flow will keep failing and won't work.
  • The word document needs to be converted to pdf as a workaround to extract data (if using desktop flow and not ideal workaround if there are 1000+ files multiple users updating files all at once).
  • Using custom XML mapping in word document, the file properties get updated in real time. Although, it doesn't work with @SharePoint . (another failure)
  • MS flow doesn't have support of this using file metadata or file properties triggers.


A potential project is incomplete because of this feature unavailability. I believe if this feature is available it will attract a lot of customers. There is a lot of potential to achieve integrations which are not available at the moment. Furthermore, extracting the key information from a particular document could enable companies to better visualize using @powerbi .

Status: New