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FLOW: Planner to Onenote updatable tasks

For Project Management we use Planner and One note extensively.

As most of the project notes, details, sahred pages, drawings etc reside in One Note, it would be nice if we can also link Planner tasks there as well so that we may check them off as we go.


Currently the Planner connector allows us to view basid data of the planner but no interaraction once that info is exported to OneNote back to planner.


Checkboxes for each task, or ability to write comments in Onenote, that then autofill the Planner task would be good! 

(similair to how onenote and outlook have tasks that work hand in hand, this should be available to planner as well)

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Can we have a link to jump automaticcaly from Planer to Onenote and creating a new page? 

when we create a pln we associéte a onenote notebook, then thank to a buttonn we would open onenote, 2 options :  create a page or open the existing page. 

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we address a task in onenote (e.g. in a meeting) and this should be automatically add a task in planner, too.

maybe new task-item in onenote, to address this easily.

glorious should be, if this task will be updated as mentioned before, but not must have.

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Yes this would be awesome! I would love an automated flow when you crate a To do checklist in OneNote that it auto generates a planner task to the linked planner. Happy to ad the due dates and action owners in if it pre-populates the text!
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for some reason the vote button is not working for me!