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FLOW action to email a SharePoint Group

Please create an action that will allow a FLOW to send an email to a SharePoint Group.  It was possible in SharePoint Designer and without a doubt is a HUGE loss in FLOW today.  SharePoint Groups are a standard component of SharePoint Site Collections and they are used all the time.  This would be a huge win for FLOW. 


This thread (same topic) shows at one point 900+ views.  This is a large number of users who are interested in this feature.  Perhpas this thread was lost among all the other FLOW entries and activity. 





Status: New
Level: Power Up

Why is this not a thing yet ?

Level: Powered On

I know Microsoft is all hyped up about Teams, but MS should not forget the great things that can be done with SharePoint and not possible with teams. If I want to do proper permission handling I still prefer SharePoint and therefore an easier Handling to send emails to a SharePoint group is needed than that:


And dont make it a Flow Premium function, this would be vary bad style...