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Failed flows to show as succeeded after they have ran successfully

It would be great if when you have ran a failed flow from the run history that ran successfully that the failed line entry became successful.

I had a list of over 20 failed flow entries that I had to resubmit which after clicking the first few became difficult to manage what ones I had clicked and what ones I hadn't resulting in a lot of double clicking on ones that were already submitted.

Very fiddly and annoying after spending a good hour on something that could have taken me about 10-20 minutes max. Hate to think if this was a regular occurence how much of an inconvenience that it would be. Please improve the suceeded and failed reporting to avoid this happening again!

Status: New

I think that this is the wrong soluiton for the right problem.


What is triggering your flows?


If for example these flows are triggered by a SharePoint list item then a status on the list item would be better. The failed run of the flow has failed and should remain as failed. Finding an easy way to link a flow run with an actualitem I do agree with. So far the best I'vecome up with is to add a link to the latest workflow run on my SharePoint list items.

Kudo Kingpin

It's the flow run history I am referring too. It would be good to see that once your failed line entry had ran successfully no longer showed as failed previously. Or the failed line was minimised some how or hidden under the successful run - provided it was successfully resubmitted. 


When you have 20+ lines of failed flows that you need to resubmit it is difficult to ensure you have submitted them all without manually checking or counting. So being able to track this better would be great advantage for managing and resubmitting failed runs.


If there is an element of your flow that is not successful then the flow highlights this as standard - I am referring to when the complete flow fails.