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Feature with Flow to be able to get info from previous run while ongoing run

I have came up with a scenario where customer has made multiple flows for each column in Sharepoint lost.

All column have choice value as approve or reject for a request/item. ( done by different persons)


He wants for an item if 1st column is been approved, then send email to someone else informing about it, to take further actions.

 Trigger is same in all Flows i.e. when an item is created and modified.

Each flow has a condition for specific column , for a value.


While second flow ie second column is modified than 2nd flow runs, but even first flow runs as value in 1st column is already set earlier which can get true and will send email again.


This is something by design, so if we get a feature where we can get info from previous run like which item is been executes previous, flow for that same again then stop the Flow.

This can be possibly done using ID for that item.


Status: New