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Fetch all text entries in SharePoint Multiline text field with append changes

It would be good to be able to retrieve all multiline version entries for a field with append changes turned on within a SharePoint list.


I am aware that starting from scratch, a workaround is to use a standard multiline column and then build a version history in another hidden multiline column using Flow. However, on existing lists where there are already append changes turned on, there is no option to access the previous version history text within Flow.

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I was able to do this using standard multiline.  Let's say that I have a field in a document library that is called "Action History", and I am adding information from a field in list called "New Action".  When I do an <Update File Properties>, I set the value for the "Action History" field to ("New Action" "Action History").  The only problem with this approach is, if you do not allow unlimited entries, eventually you may use up the number of available lines at which point the flow will fail.  Hope this is useful.