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File attachmentoption for Post message in a chat or channel action

 We are forwarding emails that arrives in our shared mailbox to a Teams channel email address to check emails efficiently Since It's hard to check shared mailboxes every time email arrives.

But sometimes it doesn’t work well.

For some cases, the forwarded email  is judged as a junk mail and undelivered.

So that we tried to post a message in a channel with received attachments when we receive email in our shared mailbox by using flow.

But unfortunately we cannot attach files to the message with Post message in a chat or channel action .

If there’s  an option to post a message with file attachments, that will make our business smoother.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi @shinodashoji ,


Take a look at my video demo here and I will show you how to create a custom connector where you can then post a message to teams channel conversation with a file attachment.  I've also got a blog post for you to read too


I would be really grateful for your feedback.

P.S. please like & subscribe to my YouTube Channel thanks 😉