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Find and replace inside Word document

It would be handy if there is action that allows you to find and replace text inside word document (on onedrive or sharepoint list) and save it with new name or send it as a mail attachment.


There is plenty of manual process where you send word document as a application to somewhere. And these applications could be filled automaticly based on information reached for example sharepoint list.



1) i get email that new person is created in our HR system. New person employeeid and ad account is included in mail

2) i parse new employee employeeid and ad account and save them in sharepoint list (if i can do parsing with flow, i haven't tried yet)

3) when new row is inserted my employee sahrepoint list then flow reads from there employee id and ad account. Read also word template from one drive. That word is used to apply admittance to office. Find and replace employee information on word and send it to email address used for apply admittances

4) same thing with word document company uses to inform internal mail department that new employee has arrived on x th floor.




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Hi @Anonymous,


You can use Plumsail Documents to generate DOCX or PDF from template. You can apply your own data and send generated documents by email. Some examples for you:


Note: It is a paid solution