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Fix My Flows Search Experience

When using the search box to find a flow under the My Flows page (, it's incredibly frustrating that it only searches the first 40 visible results. As an admin that manages over 150+ flows, I have to REPEATEDLY click "Show More" and keep trying to search for a flow - almost letter by letter. And, even then, I still have to click "Show More" to keep pulling back matches when it falsely looks like it searched the entire repository of flows.


Please fix the search experience to actually search ALL flows. Even better - get rid of the "Show More" and use lazy loading like the Power Apps search uses so I can at least load the full list and not get a false no match result. Also, putting the search bar above the actual results isn't very user friendly - it's easy to miss. A better placement would be under the tab where you're actually searching for the flow. The "global" search in the header bar could then be used for advanced searching for connections/users/etc. that many other ideas on here have proposed to improve filtering and finding things.

Status: New
Advocate I

I'd like to vote for this 50 times. For a large enterprise, we need to be able to find flows. Searching for them is way too time consuming and extremely frustrating.