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Fix stored procedures bug

There appears to be a bug, that I've read on various forums that other people are experiencing as well, where the dev person creates a new flow for executing a stored procedure, and they get this "extra" field/parameter called pInitId.


The problem is, there is no "X" to remove that parameter field, yet if you try to add a value to it, it tells you that the parameter is "no longer in the stored proc". It never was there! 


I have since added a param with the same name, with a default value and hardcoded the value in the below screenshot, this works, but clearly should be how it is.



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  @RobThrive ,I have  also observed this behavior in executing a SQL stored procedure from Power Automate using the step "Execute stored procedure". It has shown extra parameter pInitId which is not part of my stored procedure. Please see image attached. My stored procedure has only a single input parameter  JSONData but no idea how the second parameter pInitId appeared in the Flow canvas.



 I solved the issue by simply using the latest version "Execute stored procedure(V2).



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Thanks @VidyaSagarAlti1 that does indeed solve it (although at times i've had issues populating the fields with dynamic content to ask powerapps) Would be nice if MS made V2  the default for new steps created.