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Fix the "infinite loop" issue when updating a sharepoint item

When a flow starting with a "when an item is created or updated" trigger runs an "Update Item" function somewhere inside the flow, it will perform an endless (until it fails) loop. These "triggers" inside the flow should not trigger the flow again. This worked so beautifully in SharePoint Designer. Please, please support this!

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There are easy work-arounds for this.  The easiest is with trigger conditions.  Just set a trigger condition to block the trigger if the update is made by the account used in the connector.  Or create a yes/no column and use that for the trigger condition.

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Hey FatherJ


I have tried your former approach and this did not work, loop still occured and eventually failed. I eventually found your former suggestion in a helful YT video by SharePointPro titled "Preventing Infinite Loop in MS Power Automate (MS Flow)". I created a new generic account and recreated the flow using connectors from this generic account with the trigger condition and yeah, this works a treat! I can now look at replacing more complex SP 2013 workflows into PowerAutomate.