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Flow Action to Create a new Outlook folder

I receive an email from our CRM system stating that a new service request has been assigned to me.

The email has a subject with unique identifier, the body has the customer contact information.

I want to automatically create an outlook folder that has the same name as the subject.

Then any future emails with that subject can be automatically sorted into folder.

This method helps me better manage the communication for the several service requests I am dealing with - Since I can clearly see at a glance If i have received any emails from customers. Also I can automatically sort my sent emails with the correct subject line into the folders.

Once the Service request is closed, I can manually move the entire folder to a Closed or Archive folder.

(I know outlook has a thread feature - which I find rather cumbersome, especially when I have SLA's per service request)


I did built this functionality into outlook 2007 using VBA script, but was hoping I could achieve the same with Flow for Outlook365.


I think many users in the services and sales industry would find this method useful. As much as we have CRM systems to manage correpsondance - the conversation often becomes email driven.


Status: New