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Flow Action to add a member to a MS Teams team

I have this in mind particularly for teams which include external users, such as on a construction project. The external folks might fill out a Forms form requesting access to the Team, or perhaps there would be a spreadsheet sent from a partner org, listing people who should have access. Then the Flow would add members to the project Team without an admin needing to do that for each person - maybe the admin would just approve them as they come in.

Thanks for your consideration!



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Hi @SandyU,


Wouldn't this action do the trick? 





- Daniel



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Within [User's Email] how would I go about adding a Distribution List, which the Group members can be updated to add any new members of the DL not currently in the Group?

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Another important feature would be for the flow not to fail when the member is already in the group, the groups add mentioned above failed when I tested myself and I had to make some ugly branching for each logic to make it work for future steps.

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Just to add on, I really like the idea of filling out a MS Form that would add a member to a Team. Saves the owner time. People fill out a quick form and get access to Team materials.

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@earlya I think filling out a MS Form is not the right way to go since it doesn't have a people picker. This makes it error-prone. Instead, I would suggest using a PowerApp.