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Flow Action to add a member to a MS Teams team

I have this in mind particularly for teams which include external users, such as on a construction project. The external folks might fill out a Forms form requesting access to the Team, or perhaps there would be a spreadsheet sent from a partner org, listing people who should have access. Then the Flow would add members to the project Team without an admin needing to do that for each person - maybe the admin would just approve them as they come in.

Thanks for your consideration!



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Hi @SandyU,


Wouldn't this action do the trick? 





- Daniel



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Within [User's Email] how would I go about adding a Distribution List, which the Group members can be updated to add any new members of the DL not currently in the Group?

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Another important feature would be for the flow not to fail when the member is already in the group, the groups add mentioned above failed when I tested myself and I had to make some ugly branching for each logic to make it work for future steps.

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Just to add on, I really like the idea of filling out a MS Form that would add a member to a Team. Saves the owner time. People fill out a quick form and get access to Team materials.

@earlya I think filling out a MS Form is not the right way to go since it doesn't have a people picker. This makes it error-prone. Instead, I would suggest using a PowerApp. 

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@EricL  Good point about failing when member is already in the group.  We have the same requirement, user fills out sharepoint form, requests to be in certain groups, Flow puts them in.   Has anyone got this working??