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Flow Admins - Need rights to all flows without granting access

I am an admin for our organization of 15k+ users and managing flows is difficult when I can't see what is contained within them. So I have to grant myself access to the flow, which changes it to a team flow, which confuses the end user...just not a great experience for the end user.

I need to be able to iterate through all flows at any time and see connectors, permissions, runs, version, published date, who is it shared with, and connector parameters. Currently the only way to see all of this information is to grant our teams AD Security Group to each Flow which converts it into a team flow. Not the most user friendly. Today I found a flow that has ran over 1.25 million times in the past 11 days, but I had no idea what it was doing until I add myself to the flow. He was running the flow on every update to a Gmail calendar and syncing it with his Outlook calendar. I disabled it and asked him to change it to a scheduled event.

Status: New