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Flow Bot for MS Teams - Can't run shared flows

Been trying to get this Bot to list and run flows with no luck, even though the Flow tab itself has Flows listed. The Flow bot always responds to the "@Flow list Flows" command with "Currently there are no flows available". To note, the Flows are manual triggers with no inputs, and the associated O365 group of the Team has run permission, and in some instances is shared as an owner.

It seems that the Flows themselves can't be shared to the group but rather has to be created from that Flow tab within the Team for it to be recognized, which isn't ideal because then connectors are seen by all, and if you just want the group to have run rights you cannot.

We should be able to share existing Flows (with desired permissions) created under our own accounts to the O365 group, and still be able to utilize the bot for these. If the Flow tab can see them as shared, why can't the bot?
Status: New