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Flow Bot unable to add clickable URL to Teams

It seems there is a bug with the new Flow preview connector for Teams that allows the Flow Bot to post messages to users and channels. It will not post a clickable link. All links are converted to plain text. It doesn't matter if you use the <a href=""></a> style link or the [Link name](http://blahblah) style markup, everything is shown as plain text. This includes links that you can insert in a flow via the Dynamic Content, such as a link to a Power BI tile. That gets converted to plain text.


There is a discussion on this issue at this thread.

Status: New
Level: Power Up



At least you get the plain text ... mine won't even appear with the text nor the url.

Level: Powered On

I am also having this issue. 

Edit: I have solved my issue. You need to ensure flow knows you want to write HTML and not interpret what you're typing as text. 

Currently the way to do this is click the </> icon and switch to "code view" then your HTML will start to work as HTML.




I am now successfully posting hyperlinks to Teams.