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Flow Bot unable to add clickable URL to Teams

It seems there is a bug with the new Flow preview connector for Teams that allows the Flow Bot to post messages to users and channels. It will not post a clickable link. All links are converted to plain text. It doesn't matter if you use the <a href=""></a> style link or the [Link name](http://blahblah) style markup, everything is shown as plain text. This includes links that you can insert in a flow via the Dynamic Content, such as a link to a Power BI tile. That gets converted to plain text.


There is a discussion on this issue at this thread.

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use this format. It works for me even if the link & title are dynamic


I was able to solve this problem (not being able to add clickable links / whenever editing as raw HTML and saving the HTML format would get messed up).


To solve it I used the following concat expression:


concat('<a href="',triggerOutputs()?['body/{Link}'],'">',triggerOutputs()?['body/Title'],'</a>')


Screenshot 2020-10-06 122651.png