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Flow Connector to Power BI Dataset

Having the 'PBI Alert Trigger' begs the next step of being able to pull rows from a PBI dataset table.  The alert is telling you something happened, the rows in the table tell you exactly what it was and further enables the automation of Alert-to-Action processes. 


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I agree with the above comment .....


Is there a way to get the values of more than one of the tiles from the dashboard into a email after a trigger?


In this particular instance, I have a trigger set for every day to automate an email and send out daily consumption of water to the manager.


I would also like to include additional data other than the infomration that is contained on the triggered tile.


Would this be possible - and if so, how?

Advocate IV

I believe a similar feature was recently on the list of upcoming features here:


It looks like it has since been removed, and only part of the planned update was added to the Power BI connector, the refresh dataset action.  

I wonder if any of the Flow admins could speak to what happened with the plan to add this capability to the Power BI connector?