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Flow: Create Plan in Planner

It would be great to have a "Create Plan" Action for Planner in Flow. At the moment it is only possible to create buckets or tasks.

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To get the ID of the plan, you need to click on Expression and get the ID from the body of the connector using the standard syntax for getting a property from an object. You can use the same syntax for any connector.


in Expression write


ConnectorName is the name of your connector


from your screenshot I see it's called Create_Plan so in your case you will need to write



Hope that helps,

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That did the trick - thank you! Really appreciate the explanation and assistance. 


Thanks again! 

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Arrrgh, this still is not a feature.


I've been trying this custom connector for a few days and resolved a few earlier errors but i'm now stuck.
I'm getting "You don't have the required permission to access this item"


this occurs in the test feature of the connector as well as inside a flow.

I've tried different Owners / Group ID's but just cant seem to get it working.

if i enter an invalid group id it does tell me so I believe i have the ID's correct


@narcisradoi any ideas?

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@OK59this sounds like a permission issue

most likely, the account you have connected to planner is not a member of the team/group or not admin/owner of that group so you can't make changes to the plan


plans only exist inside teams/groups now from what I remember - so creating a plan / editing a plan can only be done by members/owners of the group you are making it in


worth a try anyway


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I have 3 error when save it, can you help me @narcisradoi 

Thanks you


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