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Flow - Dynamic Content Search based on name not value

Within a flow, we can rename actions to have them be more descriptive.  It would be nice if those names were searchable later in the flow when you're looking for Dynamic Content.


For example, in this flow, I'm creating two outputs, called "TimeNow" and "End Date", which I use later in the flow when I'm creating tasks in Planner.  However, in the search, I can't find them by searching for the names I've given them, I can only search them by searching for "Output", which is less intuitive.


For this particular flow, I'm only using 2 outputs, so that's manageable, but several items, I'm using the "ID" field - Rather than having to search for "ID", I'd love to be able to search for "Test Group - Prod" (which is in the name of the action) and narrow things down that way.






Status: New