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Flow - Email When SPECIFIC Excel Column is Modified

I am looking into streamlining our New Hire / Termination process.  Basically what i am looking for is the following:

1. I have a shared XLS saved on my OneDrive

2. I want to edit the first column of the XLS, and when that specific column ONLY is modified, send an email to a specific DL of my choosing.


Currently there does not seem to be this functionality, unless i am missing something.



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Hi @bradmccarthy04: Do you mean when a specific Excel column is modified or when the cells that belong to a specific column are modified?

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@hvandekamp Basically I want to have a column where everytime i add a new user to the next line in the column, i get an automated email that new data has been entered.   Possible?

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I also want to do something similar to this - I need a flow that is triggered when a cell in a column is modified. How can this be accomplished? Thanks.

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I am also looking for this functionality. When a column or set of columns are modified, I want a PDF doc. created then emailed to a certain email list.


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Was anyone able to create this? 


I'm in the same situation - i want to create a FLOW to send an email alert when someone modify a a column in an excel table. The file is stored in Excel online on sharepoint.