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Flow Fails Sharepoint Update Item action when you add a new People Picker column in SP. 100% FAIL!

I consider this a bug, not an enhancement.  I have over 20 flows now that manage a complex SP list with a Powerapps interface.  It is working great.  It is a HUGE issue that when I need to add a new column in SP, if it is a People Picker column, ALL flows will fail that use the action SP Update Item.  This is a major issue.  It takes hours to delete ALL action actions and recreate them, then to update tags in all automated emails that follow.  There is no good way to do it.  It is prone to errors and subsequent failures if not done perfectly.  This happens 100% of the time in this case.  This needs resolved ASAP.  

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I agre - It's not just People Picker columns, but any change to Choice column.  This is a MAJOR headache.

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Thanks for the heads up @neds I have over 20 flows in my apps.  When you say change in a choice column, do you mean anything?  Like changing the choice list?  Is it as bad as people picker?  All I need to do is add one, and my flows blow up.  I dont even need to be updating the field, and they need redone.

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I have some very complex flows driving my apps.  I did a simple test today on a very small list and flow.  I was unable to duplicate the issues with the people picker field nor the choice column issue that @neds referred too.  I would like to know if there was specific measures taken to resolve this issue, or if my test case was too simple, and missed the detail that actually causes the issue.  


I need to add a people picker column to my SP list.  Once I do it, there is no going back.  I lose my flows, and it will literally take days to resolve.  Can you state with any certainty that this issue is resolved?  This is a huge risk for me, so I would appreciate a studied response.


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