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Flow Get Items returns only 100 entries when "Top Count" box is left blank.

Hi, "Get Items" returns only 100 entries when "Top Count" box is left blank. Hint in "Top Count" box says "Total number of entries to retrieve (default = all)". I would expect that leaving the box empty will return everything.


Also, if there is some limitations, like max 5000, the hint in "Top Count" box should says something like "Total number of entries to retrieve (default = all, up to 5000)".






Thank you,

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rys Advocate II
Advocate II

I don't even know why they told you to post in ideas, this is clearly a bug. When the list says default=all, that means all. It doesn't mean 100.

New Member

Yes, it is a bug. Please fix it.

New Member

Same bug here 😞

Advocate I

Any updates on this? Should be a quick fix...

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Bug. Just experienced this, and set the default value to an ideal higher number as a workaround for now

New Member

There is a workaround using "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint" :

  • Init a variable with the first rest api call :


  • Do the rest call in a loop :


Items are stored in body('your_rest_call')?['d']?['results']

  • before the end of the loop, update the NextLink value as following:


where d.__next is body('your_rest_call')?['d']?['results'] and the replace function is 

New Member

This bug definitely needs fixing - I, like others, have wasted a large amount of time trying to work out why only 100 rows were being returned when it clearly says that the default is all.

rys Advocate II
Advocate II

Microsoft, how is this still a problem. Just change the label to say default=100 and save everyone the trouble of having to figure out why their flow isn't working properly.

Helper I

Looks like the default has been moved up to 200 but still is not sufficient. 


Not applicable

Had i known - then the list of emails I sent this wouldnt have sent 100 emails to everyone.