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Flow Get Items returns only 100 entries when "Top Count" box is left blank.

Hi, "Get Items" returns only 100 entries when "Top Count" box is left blank. Hint in "Top Count" box says "Total number of entries to retrieve (default = all)". I would expect that leaving the box empty will return everything.


Also, if there is some limitations, like max 5000, the hint in "Top Count" box should says something like "Total number of entries to retrieve (default = all, up to 5000)".






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Not sure if this will help anyone now, but if you enter a number that is <= the number of items for the for each loop, it will automatically calculate the appropriate number. For instance, I had 216 items in my list, I entered 250 in the top count field and it only looped for 216. Hope this helps!

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The top count seems to just be a hard limit of items to be retrieved, so I don't think there's any harm in always putting 9999 (or 5,000 for the actual limit) in the box if you always want to get all items.... It is crazy that this still isn't default functionality.

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"Total number of entries to retrieve (default = all)" - is a misleading text. 

It wasted my time when I was trying to find the reason of not getting all items in places other than 'Top Count' or even out of the connector.

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As of today, I'm still seeing this behavior. I had to hard code a 9999.  I wonder what happens if I need more that that to be returned.