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Flow History Improvements

Allow us to give a name for each flow occurrence. 

This name should be visible in the Flow history.

It would be nice if the colour coding for "Cancelled" and "Failed" flows is different.

Further, please make sure when a flow is Resubmitted this is somehow portrayed in the Flow History, too


Status: New
Advocate II

yes a name would be great so we can identify which flow runs to inspect if needed.


Would also like a superset report to be able to see a group of flows and which ones had failures in the last x days - Really needed when running in production 


Even better would be to open up flow history to flow itself so that we can send mails based on status rather than the weekly digest

New Member

Yes I agree - being able to see if run has been resubmitted would be great. I have an approval flow with multiple owners and there is some risk that a failed flow could be resubmitted more than once and cause the requestor and approvers confusion if they receive multiple of the same email. Currently we have to open each subsequent run one-by-one to see the if the details match the failed flow, which can waste a lot of time due to the volume of runs we get in a day/week. Along with a flag to show a failed flow was resubmitted, it would be nice to have a marker on the subsequent resubmissions to show it's related to the first failure.