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Flow History Navigation

When navigating the Flow history the navigation is inefficient. For example, I go to my list of Flows, click on a flow to view a particular run. I then click the back arrow to the left of the Flow, and it takes me back to the list of Flows instead of back to my run history. I ind this not intuitive. 


Also, once in the Run History, we do not have access to See Analytics, I link on this page seems to make sense instead of having to go back to the Flow list, find your Flow again and then access through the shortcut menu.


Thanks, overall I think the interface for managing collections of flows needs some imporvement.

Status: New
Advocate IV

I agree with @mcolbert: there ought to be a clearer way to navigate forward and backward in a Flow's history.  I would like to see (in order of desirability)

  1. Navigation forwards and backwards through the run history of the flow item by item
  2. Obvious "Up" navigation to the flow's main page.
  3. Navigation back to the Default Flow environment should take account of from where I accessed the flow.  If I examine a flow that appears on a tab, such as "Team Flows", I ought to return to that tab, not "My Flows".
  4. Ability to "page" forwards and backwards over a number of history items (perhaps 10 or so?)
  5. Filter history by
    1. Date/Time range
    2. Outcome of flow runs (Succeeded, Failed...)