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Flow - Planner to Outlook Tasks

After toying with Flow's Planner triggers, I was trying to create a Flow for when a Planner task is assigned to user, an Outlook Task is created with:

  • Title = the Planner Bucket Name (for us, it's the customer name) and Planner task Title
    • Example:  "ACME Engineers - Make Presentation"
  • Due Date = if provided in Planner
  • Body = Customer Name, Assigned by, Link
    • Example: "Customer: ACME Engineers, Assigned By: Project Manager, Link to Planner Task:  https://[link]


  • I did not see a property for the Bucket Name (I saw ID but not Name)
  • I did not see a WORKING property for Assigned By.  This came up blank with existing options
  • I did not see a link to the Planner task so you could go directly to the Planner task for updates

Or...  am I missing something?

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Hello BIMBrian


If you want to get plan name or bucket name you need to loop through all plans/buckets using the "List my Plans" or "List my Bucket" actions and check the corresponding ID from the task to find your corresponding plan/bucket.


After this you can use the found records to write the names to the new Outlook task.


AFAIK there is no way to get a direct link to a planner task. A grave omission if you ask me.


I never tried the "Assigned By". Not sure if this is working.




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When we send an email (V2) body, is it possible we can have hyperlink such as Task Title that links back to the Task on the Planner? Using standard task reminder with Microsoft Flow, there is no give the person who received the email to click directly to the task on Planner. 


Please advise. Thanks.